Join our campaign to get PACE enabling legislation enacted in BC


The first step in bringing PACE to BC is enacting PACE-enabling legislation in the BC Legislature. PACE BC's #PickupthePACE campaign is advocating for the adoption of the strong Provincial PACE enabling legislation that accomplishes the following objectives:

  • Ensures PACE is available for a broad spectrum of improvements including most energy efficiency upgrades and renewable energy projects. 
  • Establishes broad PACE funding options that allow for capital investment from the private sector.
  • Makes PACE available for both residential and commercial property owners.
  • Ensures PACE is available for retrofits and new builds.
  • Ensures PACE loans can be tied to the property, and not the individual borrower, such that in the event of a property sale, remaining loan payments become transferable to the new owner.
  • Allows PACE to refund 100% of the projects hard and soft costs.
  • Allows PACE programs to be administered by third-party, non-governmental organizations that minimize the administrative burden on local municipalities.
  • Ensure PACE programs are available for retroactive financing for projects started within the last 3-5 years.  

Individuals can support our campaign by signing this petition, and organizations can become official endorsers by filling out this google form.



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